Our next events:


 New Art Exhibition, Great Hall Exhibition Space,                                                                              100 River Street, Springfield, Vermont

“WILDLANDS” is a new exhibition celebrating our public lands and National Parks and the beauty and experiences we enjoy in our publicly owned wild spaces.  “WILDLANDS” hopes to convey not only the beauty and diversity of our wild places but the spiritual sustenance of these places.

John Muir a Scottish American naturalist, is called the “Father of the National Parks.” Muir believed that “In a changing world we need places “to pray in and play in.” This sentiment rings true today.
The show’s intention is to put a spotlight on habitat preservation and on how societies come to value and live in balance with natural resources in a time of climate change, urban development, and political stresses that impact our wild places.

The exhibit runs through March 30, 2018.  Great Hall events are supported by the Springfield Reiuonal Development Corporation..

For more information go to www.facebook.com/Greathallspringfield


UVSC Excom Meeting

Tuesday February 27, from  6:30 pm until 8 pm, at the Friends’  Meeting House on Lebanon Street in Hanover, NH..  All are welcome to attend!


NPS – 100

2016 was the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the National Park Service! Along with the national Sierra Club and many Chapters and Groups we have actively participated in Events sponsored by the Park Service in our area. The Boots to Boats initiative continued in 2017, as does the cooperation between our Group and the Park Service.

Here is our own Joan Hoffman, Artist in Residence at the Park!

Joan - MBR - 3

Here is Karl Kemnitzer with our Upper Valley Group table at the NPS-100 event

Karl -1

Here is Bonna Wieler with our table at the Boots to Boats celebration:

Bonna -1