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UVSC Excom Meeting

Tuesday July 17, from  6:30 pm until 8 pm, at the Howe Library,  in Hanover, NH..  All are welcome to attend!


Carbon Work-Study

Saturday July 21, at the Forest Center, Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historic Park Woodstock VT , 1:39 to 3 pm

Ever wondered what role fungi play in sequestering and storing carbon? We are excited to explore this question at our July Carbon Work-Study discussion.

Presenter Ashley Lang, PHD Candidate in Ecology, Evolution, Ecosystems, and Society graduate program at Dartmouth College, will lead a discussion about the many important roles that mushrooms play in many ecosystems and how their role with carbon is no different.  Lang will talk with us about two main groups of fungi, how they operate, how they impact soil carbon storage and how much carbon they sequester in soil. Lang will also take us on a walk in the woods to look at ectomycorrhizal root tips. Bring a magnifying glass if you have one!

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This is our 7th and second to last Carbon-Work-Study Discussion series organized by Sustainable Woodstock and co-hosted by the National Park. We encourage you to read the attached recommended study material to prepare yourself for the discussion.

These are free and open to the public. No registration required. Visit http://www.sustainablewoodstock.org/our-programs/carbon-work-study-discussion-series/ for more information.

– Zachariah Ralph

Program Coordinator

Cell:    (802)-280-5066

Office: (802)-457-2911

NPS – 100

2016 was the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the National Park Service! Along with the national Sierra Club and many Chapters and Groups we have actively participated in Events sponsored by the Park Service in our area. The Boots to Boats initiative continues in 2018, as does the cooperation between our Group and the Park Service.

Here is our own Joan Hoffman, Artist in Residence at the Park!

Joan - MBR - 3

Here is Karl Kemnitzer with our Upper Valley Group table at the NPS-100 event

Karl -1

Here is Bonna Wieler with our table at the Boots to Boats celebration:

Bonna -1