Green Laundry Drying

Green Laundry Drying HANGING OUT ON A SUNNY SPRING DAY By Audrey McCollum Imagine that you were a hawk soaring over the Connecticut River Valley on April 19th. Would your sharp gaze have spotted a plethora of shirts and sheets,…

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Carving Out A Life with Minimal Stuff

Carving Out A Life with Minimal Stuff By Audrey McCollum In a brief punchy film titled “The Story of Stuff,” United States culture is portrayed as obsessed with the extraction, production, distribution, consumption and disposal of material goods. Yet Emily…

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Transforming Waste into Energy

Transforming Waste into Energy By Audrey McCollum A herd of oxen grazes peacefully on a nearby meadow, treading between the cow pies that attest to active digestion. If only we could capture the methane gas rising from their waste, pipe…

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