Northern Pass

Concord Monitor – July 15, 2015   My Turn: Vermont model offers Northern Pass alternative     By JANE DIFLEY and JOHN D. JUDGE   It’s time for the out-of-state and out-of-country interests pushing the current Northern Pass proposal to bury…

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HAZARDS OF NUCLEAR ENERGY By Audrey McCollum Many favor the development of nuclear power as a major source of energy. Yet the risks involved in its production, distribution and disposal are not fully understood. Since the owners of the Vermont…

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Wind or Nukes – Opinion

Wind or Nukes - Opinion Wind Power and Renewables: A Better Energy and Environmental Solution than Nuclear It is certainly acceptable to have a negative personal opinion about commercial wind power, but those that do should also have a better…

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Green Laundry Drying

Green Laundry Drying HANGING OUT ON A SUNNY SPRING DAY By Audrey McCollum Imagine that you were a hawk soaring over the Connecticut River Valley on April 19th. Would your sharp gaze have spotted a plethora of shirts and sheets,…

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