Ready for 100

In January of 2016, the Sierra Club launched a nation-wide campaign called Ready for 100. The goal of the Ready for 100 campaign is to accelerate an equitable transition to 100% renewable energy by advocating for ambitious leadership at the local level.

We now know that it is both technologically and economically feasible to make the transition to 100% renewable energy. Professor Mark Jacobson, from Stanford University, has published research focused on the feasibility of this transition. What we’re missing is political will– and that’s why this campaign is so important.

Nation-wide, grassroots movements are influencing cities, regions, and states to commit to 100% of their energy coming from renewable sources for all three sectors by 2050 and for the electric grid by 2030. There are already many cities in the U.S. that have committed to 100% renewable energy. The Sierra Club released a report  highlighting 10 cities that have already made the transition to 100% renewable energy, and how they accomplished it. 

Ready for 100 in the Upper Valley

The Sierra Club Upper Valley Group applied for grant funding to become part of this nationwide effort and was selected to join this exciting campaign. Our core team wass made up of members from various local groups, like Energy & Climate-Upper Valley, Sustainable Hanover, the Sierra Club Upper Valley Group, the Donella Meadows Institute, Vital Communities, a few local energy committees, and more. While our campaign initially began in Hanover, we expanded it  across many towns in the Upper Valley. We saw this as a great opportunity for energy committees and community members to network, share approaches, challenges, accomplishments, goals, research and more. And we have had successes!

Five New Hampshire Communities Commit to Being Powered with 100% Renewable Energy!

 In May of 2017 Hanover, New Hampshire became the first town in the state to commit to being powered by 100% renewable energy. Residents voted unanimously in support of a warrant article during  town meeting which set a goal of powering the entire community with 100% renewable energy for electricity by 2030 and all renewable heating and transportation by 2050. The Town of Hanover has been working to implement this goal ever since May of 2017  and continues to engage the entire community in this transition.  Dartmouth College has made the same commitment. About a year later, in March of 2018, the towns of Plainfield and Cornish committed to the same goal during their town meetings.

In July of 2018, the Concord City Council voted unanimously to commit to powering the entire community with 100% renewable energy; the City of Concord also committed to a planning process for how the city will implement this goal. You can read more about their planning process in this article from the Concord Monitor. The Concord Energy and Environment Committee will present their finished plan to the City Council and the public in July of 2019.

More recently, in January of 2019, the Keene City Council committed to powering the entire community with 100% renewable energy. You can read more about Keene’s commitment in this NHPR article.

Join Our Team

We were thrilled to see the overwhelming community support at our initial art photo
but this was just the beginning.
To make this transition a reality, we need to stand up as a community and region to demand that we stop investing in fossil fuels and commit to powering the Upper Valley with 100% renewable energy. We need everyone’s help to build momentum as we gather more knowledge, share stories, visions, and facts about how the transition can happen. We know that change happens when more and more people speak out– so please help us spread the word.

We’d love for you to get involved! Here are just a few of the ways that you can help build this movement.                                                   

Community Outreach: help with communication, write letters, talk to your neighbors, connect with local organizations, and more.

Events: help plan a fall harvest-festival for 100%, organize panel events and speakers, show up at Ready for 100 gatherings, help with logistics for events, etc.                                                       

Research: help gather facts and success stories that demonstrate how feasible and within reach the transition to solar, wind, small hydro, wave and tidal is.  (Check out The Solutions Project for some ideas about what 100% renewable energy looks like in VT & NH.) 

Let us know if you think of more– we’ll be continuing to add to this list.

If you’re curious to learn more about this project, or would like to attend an upcoming meeting or event, please email the Upper Valley Ready for 100 community organizer, Ally Samuell: allyson.samuell@sierraclub.org. Although now based in New York City, she continues to help mightily with efforts in the Upper Valley.

And, like us on Facebook to follow our #Readyfor100  page.